Five Tips for Developing a Non-Profit Website

According to recent data, every 1000 visitors to a non-profit website yield $612 in donations. Knowing that these websites need to continually engage an audience of donors, here are five things to keep in mind as a charitable online presence is being created. 1. Make it easy to follow It’s tempting [...]

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RSW Wins at the Dallas Addys

The Dallas chapter of the American Advertising Federation has recognized RSW with a bronze Addy for its self-promotional video focused on connecting with employees through internal communications. While RSW often partners with New York-based animation vendors, this animation was completed in-house b [...]

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Eight Marketing Stats You’ll Need This Year

Today, eighty percent of marketers worldwide agree data is critical for their marketing efforts (see #6 below). All the more reason to put this list together. Here are a variety of recent marketing statistics to keep in mind as you navigate your marketing efforts to consumers, businesses, employees, [...]

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Recognizing the Impact of eCards

When you think about employee recognition, an eCard may not be the first thing that comes mind. After all, the best kind of recognition is usually delivered in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your efforts with eCards and make a real impact. Hilton Worldwide knows this. With more t [...]

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Four Signs that Mobile Learning is on the Rise

Online professional development is about to undergo enormous changes thanks to our demand for mobile devices. By the end of 2015, Gartner projects that 320 million tablets will have been sold. For businesses trying to make learning more effective, this is good news: Employees love using their mobile [...]

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The Secret to a Great Workplace, Summed up in One Word

Trust. That’s the word many U.S. companies hear when they’re trying to get on Fortune’s annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. Many consult with the Great Place to Work Institute, which oversees the competition, and they learn three important lessons: Employees at the 100 best companies feel [...]

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A Response to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Critics

Update: As of September 6, this fundraising effort had exceeded the $100 million mark predicted in this story and reached $113 million. First, let’s assume everyone has heard about this enormously successful fundraising effort by now. At last count, almost $80 million has been raised in about five w [...]

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Gamify Your Corporate Culture

What is gamification? In the simplest terms, it refers to using the concepts behind game design to transform otherwise ordinary tasks into fun, inspiring competitions. Nike+ FuelBand uses it to engage users into tracking calorie-burning, and FourSquare uses it to motivate groups of friends to compet [...]

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