A Look Inside RSW

Take a look inside RSW and see what makes us tick. See our favorite snacks, our favorite Pixar movies, the number of pets we own collectively, the Hogwarts houses we would be sorted into [...]

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Embrace Your Client’s Creative Side

Working on the agency side, it’s our job to listen to the client. We want to know about the objective, the desired results, and the competitive landscape. We then craft that information into a strategy brief. After that, the creative team takes over and gets to work. Normally, it’s our job to create [...]

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Five Things About the Agency Experience From an RSW Intern

My name is Jodie. I am a senior advertising major at the University of Texas at Austin, and recently completed a summer internship with RSW. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to RSW’s social media, work on one of their largest accounts, and more. I have learned so much about business and work t [...]

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The Need for Employee Recognition, and How to Do It Right.

We all crave it: Everybody wants to be recognized. Do you remember jumping off the diving board as a child and shouting for your mother or father to watch? Or that feeling you had when they posted a drawing you created at school on the refrigerator door? Recognition is a fundamental human need. In 1 [...]

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Employee Wellness: Reducing Costs and Increasing Engagement

It’s a trend we’ve seen for a while: In 2016, healthcare costs are expected to rise 6.5 percent, far surpassing the rate of inflation. With no end in sight, employers are working intently to find ways to reduce these costs. At the top of the list is employee wellness. Poor health costs the U.S. $1.8 [...]

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Turn Down the Lights and Turn Up the Creativity

Have you ever walked into a coworker’s office and notice that they have the lights turned off? For many of us, it’s a natural tendency to want turn the lights on. After all, we’ve been told all our life that reading in the dark can harm your eyes. Before you flip on that light switch, you might want [...]

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Creativity Means Business: How It Drives Results

If your company isn’t promoting a more creative culture, you may be lagging behind your competition. A study by Forrester Consulting for Adobe found that companies that foster creativity as a part of their cultures outperform their competition in both revenue growth and market share. The study surve [...]

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Recognition: The Employee Perspective

The topic of employee recognition has spawned thousands of blogs, articles, and debates in the business community. Why? The right recognition program can have big payoffs. Everything from happier employees to increased productivity to profit upturns can be achieved with the help of a great recogniti [...]

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