When you think about employee recognition, an eCard may not be the first thing that comes mind. After all, the best kind of recognition is usually delivered in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your efforts with eCards and make a real impact. Hilton Worldwide knows this. With more than 325,000 Team Members (employees) in 94 countries, this company has figured out how to make eCards a strong part of the recognition mix. Here are some lessons they’ve learned.

eCards Can Break Down Barriers

With a Team Member population working in different locations and speaking different languages, recognition can be a challenge. eCards make this easier.

  • eCard messages can be typed in any language or alphabet. For a diverse company like Hilton Worldwide, this is invaluable.
  • eCards aren’t limited to a Team Member’s specific location. They can be used to recognize Team Members who work offsite, such as those who work from home or at other locations.
  • eCards aren’t just for managers. Anyone can send one, allowing for recognition to flow up, down, and laterally within the corporate structure.

eCards Can Re-energize an Existing Program

For more than 20 years, Hilton Worldwide has held a seasonal recognition program called Catch Me at My Best. For three months during the year, guests, managers, and peers can fill out comment cards and “catch” Team Members for acts of hospitality.

In 2015, the program continued to be popular, but users were asking for something new. Hilton added an eCatch to the program, allowing guests and Team Members the option to “catch” someone digitally by submitting an eCard. The result? More than 85,000 eCatches were submitted during the 90 days of the program.

eCards Can Help Reinforce Your Values

To recognize Team Members who bring the six Hilton Worldwide Values to life, the company created the High Five eCard. Users simply enter one or more email addresses, select a Value such as Hospitality or Leadership, and type a personal note of appreciation. How popular are these eCards? An average of 10,000 are sent every month throughout the company.

eCards Just Make Sense

eCards are responsive, allowing them to be viewed on any mobile device. With smartphone usage nearing 2 billion users and projected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018,* it’s hard to ignore eCards as a valid medium for employee recognition. Hilton recognizes this and has turned an often overlooked form of communication into an impactful tool for connecting an expansive, diverse workforce.