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Recognition: The Employee Perspective

The topic of employee recognition has spawned thousands of blogs, articles, and debates in the business community. Why? The right recognition program can have big payoffs. Everything from happier employees to increased productivity to profit upturns can be achieved with the help of a great recogniti [...]

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Recognizing the Impact of eCards

When you think about employee recognition, an eCard may not be the first thing that comes mind. After all, the best kind of recognition is usually delivered in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t supplement your efforts with eCards and make a real impact. Hilton Worldwide knows this. With more t [...]

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15 Simple Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Original blog post was written for Employee Appreciation Day (March 6, 2015).Here are some easy, low-and-no cost ideas to help leaders celebrate their teams and give them the appreciation they deserve. 1. Crack the Code Write a brief letter of praise to each employee in code. For example, type the m [...]

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How to Cultivate Creativity in the Workplace

How important is creativity to your company? In a recent poll, almost sixty percent of CEOs called creativity the most important quality for leadership, while 52 percent chose integrity and 35 percent selected global thinking. But what if your business isn’t creative in nature? No problem. Here are [...]

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Employee Recognition Shouldn't Take a Holiday

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? If you work at one of the growing number of businesses that plans to stay open or open early for Black Friday, you’re more likely to be stocking shelves or ringing up customers than watching football and wondering if the turkey is done. (It needs to reach 170ºF [...]

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20 Fast, Fun, and (Almost) Free Employee Recognition Ideas

Effective employee recognition can drive performance, increase retention, and impact your bottom line. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of money—or planning. Check out these 20 creative, thoughtful, and low- or no-cost ideas that leaders can use to give employees the recognition they deserve. 1. Re [...]

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Ten Tips for Building an Employee Recognition Program

Looking for a way to improve your employee recognition efforts? Many companies know all about the benefits of recognition—boosted morale, improved teamwork, drastically lower turnover—but don't know where to start or how to sustain an effective program. We compiled 10 of our favorite tips and even c [...]

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