10 Tips for Building a Recognition ProgramLooking for a way to improve your employee recognition efforts? Many companies know all about the benefits of recognition—boosted morale, improved teamwork, drastically lower turnover—but don’t know where to start or how to sustain an effective program. We compiled 10 of our favorite tips and even created a handy infographic. As you build your culture of recognition, refer back to these tips to help kick your program into high gear and give employees the recognition they deserve.

To see how we applied some of these tips, read our Hilton Worldwide case study.

1. Set Recognition Goals
Set attainable goals that fit your culture. “I want to increase engagement to 100% in six months” isn’t realistic, especially in big companies. Consider your culture. “I’m going to make sure all employees are recognized weekly” is a great goal to get your recognition going.

2. Lead by Example
The only thing better than receiving recognition is being the one to give it. Demonstrate the value of recognition by encouraging leaders to use recognition and foster a culture of appreciation.

3. Collect and Share Ideas
You can learn from everyone in your company, from the VP to the new intern. Welcome open communication and make team members comfortable with sharing recognition ideas.

4. Share the Company Strategy
Include employees in conversations about the direction of the company. Show them how their actions shape your business.

5. Use Quick and Simple Praise
Got 15 seconds? You have a recognition plan. Frequent informal recognition, including things like verbal “thank yous,” is the easiest way to keep teams motivated.

6. Be Specific
When you encourage others to give praise, remind them to mention specific actions and results. It shows they pay attention and value employees—and their hard work—individually.

7. Get Personal
Who wants a free car wash when they bike to work? Get to know employees and give your recognition a much bigger impact by tailoring it to fit individuals.

8. Recognize Teamwork
Together, everyone achieves more. Recognize everyone who contributed to success, in big or small ways. Encourage employees to pay attention to others who make their successes possible.

9. Recognize Your Star Performers
Call attention to the behaviors your company values by recognizing top performers. It will give others an inspiring example—just be sure to recognize different people each time.

10. Remember: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Many employees say recognition is enhanced when presented in front of peers. But other “I’m just doing my job”-ers prefer a quieter approach. Figure out which recognition styles fit different team members.