PepsiCo Foodservice

School Lunch Menuing Made Fun

Having developed a series of innovative, nutritious, and great-tasting menuing solutions centered around PepsiCo products for school lunch programs, PepsiCo Foodservice needed help selling the programs into school officials around the country.

Putting a face on the behind-the-scenes culinary team of chefs, scientists and dieticians who develop their innovative recipe solutions, RSW created Chef P, a fun, friendly chef who offers tips, advice, and a full range of flavorful, Frito-Lay-based recipes to help boost lunchroom sales. The program included Chef P’s Menu and Recipe Cookbook, a flexible binder with page templates for Beef, Fish, Poutry, Pork, Veggie, and Miscellaneous Delights to help sales teams customize menus and recipes for different prospects.

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