Power of Prevention

Together with Alight (formerly Aon Hewitt), RSW created the Power of Prevention, a multi-faceted campaign focused on empowering HP employees and their families through cancer education, screening, and detection resources, as well as community support.

The Power of Prevention took cancer awareness to a new level. The campaign brought HP’s fight to 34 countries (28 more than the Power of Pink) and focused on skin, breast, colorectal, cervical, prostate, lung, liver, and stomach cancers. In order to promote a program aimed at so many countries, RSW developed options for marketing materials based on cultures. Materials were translated into six languages, and countries had the ability to customize their campaign websites to fit their campus, country, and culture.

Similar to the Power of Pink, the Power of Prevention further communicated its message, “Do one thing to fight cancer,” through various communications. The website’s online community allowed HP employees to connect and share stories, and all 34 countries participated in Power of Prevention Day, a global event that unified HP employees behind this cause.

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