Mission: Health

The high-stress, constantly evolving aerospace and defense industry can make workers feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, especially since that’s often the case. As a result, many workers routinely ignore their health as they try to meet the demands of their chosen professions. As an industry leader and one of the largest defense contractors in the U.S., Raytheon wanted to address that problem head-on to help reduce stress and burnout while helping their employees live a healthier lifestyle.

The result was Mission: Health, a campaign aimed at getting employees to make small but vital moves toward a healthier lifestyle. RSW worked with Aon Hewitt to name, brand, and implement the program by appealing to employees’ sense of duty, honor, patriotism, and dedication to their craft. The campaign playfully used defense vernacular—including a series of environmental graphics using the phonetic alphabet as headlines—to reinforce the message that when it comes to your health, diet, exercise, and lifestyle are your first line of defense.

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