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Making Compliance Engaging

Hilton transitioned to a new Email Records Management program to help Team Members and the organization better manage the millions of emails sent and received annually. The program required Team Members’ email records to be moved to the new system by a specified date or risk being deleted!

Having named their new program Declare! as a nod to the customs process that moves declared items from place to place, the Hilton Records Management Team turned to RSW to create a bold, concise, and attention-getting campaign that stood out among the many materials Team Members saw weekly while still aligning with the new Hilton brand.

Pairing extremely direct, deadline-driven headlines with the easily recognized email symbol being moved, packed, filed, locked down, or conveniently housed, RSW reinforced a powerful sense of urgency across a variety of touchpoints throughout each Team Member’s day. The rollout included emails, instructional materials, a variety of environmental graphics, and Hilton’s Team Member intranet platform The Lobby.

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