International Housekeeping Week

RSW designed Hilton’s first “National Housekeeping Week” promotion back in 2005 to coincide with the brand’s upcoming Olympics sponsorship. The following year, “International Housekeeping Week” was born. We’re looking forward to designing “Intergalactic Housekeeping Week” as soon as someone figures out how to colonize other planets. Housekeepers in Space has a great ring to it.

New wrinkles emerged every year to keep the worldwide events fun and engaging—and to make sure this team of amazing, hardworking people who are essential to every hotel feel special and appreciated. For 2017, the full range of downloadable, customizable materials for Hilton’s “Kings and Queens of Clean” included poster and flyer templates (with super-simple instructions) that allowed hotels to upload photos of their own housekeeping staff and position the crowns over their heads.

To see a full retrospective of RSW’s partnership with Hilton on International Housekeeping Week, visit here.

Promotional Identity