Global Wellness Challenge

RSW worked with HP, ShapeUp (eventually acquired by Virgin Pulse), and Aon Hewitt to adapt ShapeUp’s Global Wellness Challenge framework to fit the culture and branding at HP. The program itself is a steps challenge, which encourages employees to get up and move while counting their steps. Participants group into teams which “compete” to reach total steps benchmarks which unlock virtual destinations around the globe. It’s a fun way to foster a healthier lifestyle, bond with coworkers in the process, and learn about different cultures around the world as your team unlocks each new destination.

To give the program a signature look, RSW designed a series of shoes for each country, along with map graphics tracking the journey from Palo Alto to Sydney. The campaign’s rollout included materials covering the entire process from pre-registration to team leader correspondence to challenge completion and even bonus destinations for overachievers. Environmental graphics, posters, flyers, and even table tents in the employee lunchrooms featured the shoes integrated with cultural photography, illustrations, and playful teaser copy about each destination to help boost engagement and participation.

The initial launch campaign was wildly successful, leading to the campaign being evolved the following year with new shoe designs for a whole new group of fun, exciting destinations. Future campaigns featured customized destination stamps for traveling to the Seven Wonders of the World and some fun, mindblowing imagery composites to bring the challenge’s destinations to life before the program was interrupted by the pandemic.

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