Pepsico Foodservice

Frito-Lay Bulk-O-Mania

Having gone to great lengths to address foodservice distributors’ concerns about pricing, case pack efficiency, product portfolio and programming support, PepsiCo Foodservice needed to boost employee engagement and motivate their sales force to reintroduce their bulk product line to their distributor base.

To help improve bulk sales and generate excitement in the PepsiCo Foodservice sales team, distributors and bulk channel markets, RSW created a high-energy branded campaign using over-the-top showmanship and an in-your-face attitude while still allowing maximum flexibility for speaking to the multiple audiences. We called it Bulk-O-Mania.

Advance email communications to the sales team set the stage for the program, which culminated with an easy-to-assemble “party-in-a-box” that sales reps could use to host bulk sampling events for key clients on location. The kit created an engaging, branded sales environment that included themed decorations, product samples, printed sales materials, an interactive presentation, and more—everything needed to sell bulk product and have fun selling it.

The initiative was a huge success. It sparked employee engagement, generated a 24 percent boost in bulk sales within the first few months, and helped to reestablish PepsiCo Foodservice as a major player in the bulk chips category.

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