Leadership Women

Elevate Your Manpower

Leadership Women is a Texas-based leadership development organization targeting women from a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and industries.

Having outgrown its old identity and expanded its offerings well beyond its regional roots, Leadership Women needed to reposition itself as a national organization and thought leader that helps women advance personally, financially, and professionally.

RSW conducted a brand audit of existing materials, interviewed leadership and stakeholders, and sent someone from our own leadership team to an event to see firsthand how Leadership Women presents themselves and their curriculum. Her insights helped fine-tune our approach in modernizing their look and establishing the tone for their updated identity.

Simplifying their logo for both legibility and implementation concerns was the first order of business. With a subtle nod to the upraised fist in their original mark, the new logo simplified everything down into a distinct LW monogram that would output perfectly on a pen or on a building. Bold, highly legible typography emphasized the brand name while giving them a more established, confident presence.

A graphic system using the logo’s shapes as a foundation was further developed into iconography and an illustration style to promote their events and programs. Program offerings were standardized both visually and verbally and each given an archetypal “hero leader” to help emphasize the diversity of participation while clearly delineating each program.

A bright, vibrant color palette mixed with rich black and white photography reinforces the organization’s aim to empower and build confidence in women from all walks of life to face off against the world’s challenges.

Brand Identity
Brand Implementation