Visualizing Innovation for a Tech Giant’s Innovation Centers


The AT&T Foundry is a network of innovation centers – physical spaces where engineers, designers, developers and business leaders test and build prototypes for real-world solutions. The AT&T Foundry came to RSW with the challenge of helping them tell their story in an engaging yet easy-to-understand manor, while also communicating the organization’s impact on AT&T and its customers.


The first major hurdle to telling the AT&T Foundry story was identifying the core messages shared across all the different types of work the Foundry does. Through a combination of strategy sessions and research, RSW was able to help the AT&T Foundry define the messages that would serves as a common thread to create a cohesive brand story and provide a roadmap as we further developed the AT&T Foundry brand.

When the AT&T Foundry reached out to RSW, they were in the early stages of a brand refresh. RSW helped the AT&T Foundry further develop its brand identity and created a variety of branded assets and brand photography to be used in a variety of communications. Additionally, RSW helped the A&T Foundry update their branding at the physical locations and provided environmental graphics to create a common experience across all six locations.

Another primary objective was to convey the impact of the AT&T Foundry that was meaningful to both an internal and external audience. RSW worked with a variety of groups to uncover the powerful impact the AT&T Foundry was making as a result of the it’s projects. These stories were then developed into a video docuseries used to tell the AT&T Foundry story. RSW created a website for the AT&T Foundry that profiled these stories and provided more information about who the AT&T Foundry is and what they do.



RSW helped the AT&T Foundry create a cohesive brand story that resonated with target audiences and conveyed the true impact made by the organization. This, along with the new visual identity, enabled the AT&T Foundry to present a clear and consistent experience across various touchpoints, including onsite customer visits, website interactions, startup outreach, AT&T events, and external publications.

The AT&T Foundry Website

In addition to their website, imagery library, and promotional support, RSW helped the AT&T Foundry create a common experience across their six locations with environmental graphics, wayfinding signage, and digital displays.

Brand Graphics

Ongoing infographics and imagery continually reinforced the AT&T Foundry’s innovative mindset and focus.

Brand, Program, and Event Identity Support

Digital and print environmental graphics promoted the Foundry’s services both to the AT&T organization and to peer groups and potential collaborators within the tech sector.

RSW also helped with application identity and development, as well as event identities throughout the year.

Brand Photography Library

A photography library was developed focusing on the Foundry’s innovative approach and people.