Create a YOU ROCK rock for your employees to show them how much they mean to you and the company.Small budget, big impact: 10 employee recognition ideasToday, most leaders understand that recognizing employees really pays off in terms of engagement, productivity, retention, and creating a place where people generally feel good about going to work. To add to our original list of 20 low-cost recognition ideas, here are 10 more creative, budget-conscious ways to make someone’s day.

1. Rock their world
Say thanks to the rock stars in your office by transforming an ordinary rock into a fun and unique recognition memento, as seen in the image above. Download the PDF.

2. Double the recognition
When you recognize someone, give them two treats and two thank you notes. Ask them to keep one set and use the other to recognize another employee.

3. Say it with food
Decorate a jar of salsa for an employee who is “on fire” with whatever their tasks or goals are. Or give jelly and a thank you message to someone who always helps out in a “jam.”

4. Thanks for the memories
Celebrate achievements by creating a team scrapbook to keep in a common area. If you’re not crafty, ask employees to pitch in.

5. Every day counts
Show employees you’re paying attention by recognizing their days of service. So instead of celebrating a five-year milestone, say thanks for 1,825 days of service.

6. Getting to know you
Implement a “Get to Know You” program by spotlighting a different employee each week. Send out a group email, or reserve a space on a bulletin board to post photos of the person and fun facts about them.

7. Coffee, anyone?
Perk up your team in the afternoon with a surprise coffee break! Bring in lattes for everyone, make some cards that say “Thanks a Latte!” (or simply write this on the coffee cups), and deliver your recognition.

8. From the team
Present a personalized coach’s cap, such as one that says “Coach Joe”, to your team’s trainers or mentors to say thank you for their coaching and leadership.

9. Make some noise
Download an “applause” app on your smartphone, and give deserving employees a spontaneous standing ovation throughout the day. Search “applause” in your app store.

10. Recognition that sticks
Fill a pad of sticky notes with praise and thoughtful comments. Then stick them all over an employee’s work area, a team’s area, or all over the office.

With employee recognition, a little creativity goes a really long way. As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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