Catch Me at My Best

Catch Me at My Best

Taking Recognition Global for Hilton Worldwide

The Situation
International Association of Business Communicators 2013 Gold Quill Winner
Catch Me at My Best® (Catch Me) is a seasonal employee recognition program developed for Hilton Worldwide North American properties. From June through August, guests, managers and peers are encouraged to recognize employees for acts of hospitality that align with Hilton Worldwide’s vision “to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.” The focus of the program is a comment card, or “catch.” Once filled out and turned in, managers are prompted to tally the results and recognize employees that have been “caught.”

In 2012, RSW was tasked with taking the program global in a cost-efficient manner.

By creating an online dashboard that all hotels could use, we connected properties in a way that had never been done before, inspiring friendly competition across the globe.

The Solution
First, an online order website was created, giving hotels the ability to order only the amount of cards they needed. Prior to 2012, hotels were automatically sent a set amount of cards, resulting in tremendous waste. Additionally, cards were made available in eight languages.

Then, the balance of program communications moved online, eliminating the need to print and ship additional materials to every hotel, and resulting in notable cost savings.

Finally, a Tally Website was developed allowing hotels to enter catches, view and print real-time totals for their property, share best practices, and set program goals. Hotels could also view totals from other hotels around the globe, encouraging friendly competition among properties for the first time ever.

The Results
Employee recognition saw a tremendous boost. In the first year, over 85% of Hilton Worldwide properties from 80 countries participated in the program. In three months, 100,000 employees were “caught” online 1,000,000 times. And because hotels were allowed to customize card quantities, 2.5 million fewer cards were printed.