June is International Employee Wellness Month, and all it takes is a little creativity to engage employees, encourage healthy habits, and have some fun doing it. Knowing that wellness is more important than ever, here are seven ideas that require minimal planning and expense.

1. Healthy Office Cookbook
Ask employees to share healthy recipes, along with personal comments related to them. Include employees in other cities or countries and ask them to incorporate local cuisine. Then, redistribute this collection using your intranet, social media, or a simple printed document.

2. Hire a Professional
Recruit a dietician to make a healthy habits presentation and include a free healthy lunch for participants. Or have someone lead a seminar on stress management and offer free chair massages on that day.

3. Make it a Game
Organize a month-long or summer-long walking competition between different company offices, including campus-specific walking maps, teams, Fitbit trackers, free pedometers and/or personal goals for employees. Or promote a “30 Day Sugar Challenge,” developed by wellness coach Vickie Loucks and based on avoiding foods that list sugar in the first five ingredients.

4. Let’s Do Lunch
Promote a healthy menu item in your cafeteria using a simple flyer. Or print small stickers to promote healthy items such as apples, bananas, or pre-packaged salads. List calories on the stickers, or use clever wording such as “Pick Me!”

5. Walk the Walk
Find a charity walk your company would be interested in supporting, and encourage employees to participate. Promote wellness and corporate social responsibility at the same time.

6. Be Social
Create an online bank of healthy ideas using social media. Or ask employees to upload links to their favorite workout songs. Support this effort by sending a series of wellness-based texts to employees throughout the month of June (healthy eating tips, exercise tips, etc.).

7. Especially for Foodies
Organize a “Top Chef” competition at one or more offices. Use only healthy recipes, or provide healthy food items and challenge competitors to create something from them. Create teams and give away simple prizes, such as water bottles with the company logo.