Five ways to use your environment for communicating with employeesSometimes you can add new life to employee communications by simply considering where they’ll be seen, and adding a little creative thinking. Using wellness communications as examples, here are five easy ways to add a sense of surprise to your next communications plan.

5 ways to use your environment for Wellness Communication - Floor Clings

Floor Clings
Promoting a fun walk or trying to get employees to take the stairs? Stop them in their tracks with floor clings placed in high traffic areas.

5 ways to use your environment for Wellness Communication - Cubicle Signage

Cubicle Signage
You know those vertical displays you see attached to shelves at your grocery store (called “shelf talkers”)? Why not apply the same idea to cubicles? The signage can be attached at the seams where cubicle panels come together, and a signage vendor can help you figure out the details.

5 ways to use your environment for Wellness Communication - Wellness Wallet Cards

Wellness Wallet Cards
When you want information on the go but a phone app is not a good fit, try wallet cards. For example, you could create a list of do’s and don’ts related to diabetes or other conditions.

5 ways to use your environment fo rWellness Communication - Food Stickers

Food Stickers
You may have tried tray liners and table tents for wellness messages in employee eating areas. Why not try small stickers placed on actual food such as apples, bananas, or yogurt containers? It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. Best of all, it’s unexpected.

5 ways to use your environment for Wellness Communication - Downloadable Desktop Wallpapers

Downloadable Desktop Wallpapers
Employees change their desktops all the time. If you can create a wallpaper design that’s visually appealing and doesn’t come off like a hard sell for a wellness initiative, this could be a unique way to get your message out.

Focusing more on environment can enhance a variety of employee communications. While few strategies beat email for cost-effectiveness and ease of delivery, thinking outside the inbox can go a long way.

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