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Colorful Language
Words can’t describe how cool this will look on your monitor.

Elevated Workforce
Up, up and away with boring desktop backgrounds.

Speech Patterns
So visually appealing it makes actual wallpaper jealous.

December Wallpaper
O Tannenbaum
How lovely are your branches.

December Wallpaper
Let it snow
We will stay nice and toasty inside.

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February Wallpaper
Signs of Love
Time to get your computer dressed up for Valentine’s Day.


March Wallpaper
Feeling Lucky
Four-leaf clovers are overrated. Go with this instead.

March Wallpaper
Signs of Spring
It’s still cold out there, but spring is on its way.


March Wallpaper
Showers and Flowers
So what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims.

April Wallpaper
Celebrate Admins
Three cheers for Administrative Professionals Week.

April Wallpaper
Celebrate Earth Day
Until we colonize Mars, it’s the only home we’ve got.

April Wallpaper
Thanks, Easter Bunny!
You can stop looking. You’ve found the best Easter eggs.


May Wallpaper
Happy Mother’s Day
Don’t wait until Sunday. Decorate your computer early.

May Wallpaper
Isabel’s Wallpaper
From the 8-year old daughter of our office manager.

May Wallpaper
Memorial Day
It’s your patriotic duty to download this wallpaper.

March Wallpaper
Smell the Roses
Or whatever else blossoming in your back yard.

April Wallpaper
Spring into Action
Goodbye, Polar Vortex. Hello, flip flops and patio weather.


Summer’s in the Air
Everyone will be buzzing once they see this on your desktop.

Time for Ice Cream!
If a design can be considered tasty, this is that design.


Digital Sunset
Squint your eyes and you can see yourself on the beach.


I Am the Pumpkin
Beatles fans: Your Halloween wallpaper has arrived.

Scary Eyes
Almost as good as cat videos on your computer.

The Dark Arts
Five minutes ago, this frog was George Clooney. Very sad.

Pumpkin Season
Imagine this in the background as you fill out TPS reports.

Dia de los Muertos
Cute yet spooky, like that kid down the street.

House on the Hill
Use it to scare away that dude that’s always in your cubicle.

Bare Bones
Even scarier than your PowerPoint graphics.

Horror Movie Season
Spend some quality time with Freddie and Jason.

Pumpkin Pie
Even when Halloween is dead and gone, pumpkins live on.


November Wallpaper
Turkey Incognito
Hiding out and hoping for that pardon from Obama.

November Wallpaper
Fall Forward
Time to jump on a big pile of leaves in the front yard.

November Wallpaper
Give Thanks
Your computer desktop is trying to tell you something.

November Wallpaper
Guaranteed to make you wish you were outside right now.

November Wallpaper
Be Thankful
In case we didn’t get through to you the first couple of times.

November Wallpaper
Thanksgiving Lesson
Takes you back to wearing a paper Pilgrim hat in school.

Lucha Libre
Toughen up your computer with this design.