Brad Wines
While his childhood friends in Houston, Texas imagined growing up to be astronauts or cowboys, Brad dreamt of running an agency like RSW. That’s not actually true but it may as well be, considering his passion for what we do. His insight, vision and leadership guide every project and elevate every strategy. When he's not helping clients meet business objectives, Brad enjoys international trips with his wife’s non-profit, Orphan Outreach, and much shorter trips to the couch for some college football.
John Douris
VP of Client Services
John has a brother who’s a video editor in New York and a sister who’s a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. John rounds out this trio of talented siblings, leading client services for companies such as Disney, H-E-B, the North Texas Food Bank and HP. His firm grasp of not just strategy and client service but also creative and technology creates a unique balance that makes it easy to develop great ideas for clients. John enjoys traveling overseas, except for that time he forgot his passport. He also likes to spend time with his wife and son, cheer on the Baylor Bears, and walk around the office barefoot.
Christina Griffis
Interactive Production Manager
Christina is in the running for Happiest Person in America (as soon as someone comes up with that award). Her enthusiasm is only matched by her natural ability to find, figure out, and implement anything related to technology or social media. Her creative background only complements her ability to lead digital projects through planning, development, testing and delivery. When she isn’t overseeing projects for RSW, Christina enjoys volunteer work, crochets her own creations and is a certified pop culture enthusiast.
Recognizing the Impact of eCards
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